The Credible Alternative Party

The Credible Alternative Party

The African Democratic Congress, ADC Party, was founded by prominent Statesmen, Stateswomen and Nationalists, and duly registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC on the 3rd of March 2006.

Over the years, our party has worked tirelessly to build a lasting, progressive, effective and efficient structure. Today, the ADC can boast of its many achievements in the following areas;

Research: ADC has taken time to study the gaps in our political parties’ organization and has developed effective tools to build a sustainable progressive party platform.

Our People: The ADC Spirit of Volunteerism and DNA attracts members who own the party and our processes.

Party Leadership: Leadership is key to any organization, ADC has been blessed with forward-thinking, visionary leaders charting the course towards our goals and objectives.

Party Values and Ethics: The radical transparency and diversity values employed in our party processes and policies.

Our Reach: The national spread and inclusiveness in the party, we cover the 6 geopolitical zones of the federation.

Party Demography: The party has consistently fielded the most number of youth and women and PLWDs in all elections since its inception. We have the highest percentage of women, youth and PLWDs actively participating at all levels of leadership.

On May 10 2018 in a world Conference at the Presidential Library, former president H.E. Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo organized a world conference to announce the adoption of ADC by the Coalition for Nigerian Movement and all the civil society, political parties, and eminent statesmen who had sought his intervention to rescue the Democracy. Nigerians are certainly tired of the present government.

Since 2012, coalition of political parties under the auspices of Coalition of New Nigeria (CNN) have been identifying with ADC for #NewNigeriaNation

On the 7th of April 2021, a Certificate of trust was handed over to the National Youth Leader of ADC. This was following a poll conducted by the Nigerian Youth Corporate Social Responsibility Fund (NYCSRF), the Agency coordinating all Youth Organizations and young political aspirants, calling on Nigerian Youths to choose one party the trust to be able to actualize maximum youth participation in politics and government in Nigeria. The youth takeover online poll lasted for six weeks and the African Democratic Congress ADC emerged as the Only Party choice for all Nigerian Youth and Young Aspirant living in Nigeria and in the Diaspora.

We grow our members who have been consistent with their membership dues prior to the elections by offering 10% discounts on all nomination forms for National elections and 30% discount for Local Government Elections, and they are also qualied to participate in seeking for ADC party sponsorship benefits during elections.

We are the ONLY CREDIBLE PARTY that accommodates 35% youth and women participation, and encourages persons with disabilities from the national down to the ward levels. All youths under 40 years of age enjoy 50% rebate on nomination fee only.



To reengineer a political party system that is free from domination by wheeler-dealer political elites, money-bags and “god-fathers through transparency and accountability; as well as propagate inclusion and diversity of values for Women, Youths, Diaspora Network and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).


To consolidate Nigeria's democracy beyond (flawed) elections, political rhetorics and theatrics, and usher in super power economy, just and resilient institutions, systems, and processes for a more egalitarian society: '23+20 ADC Strategic compass.


Our Manifesto is hallmarked on Intense and Intentional Leadership– an activity that identities challenges, gets the people to see the realities in these challenges, collectively evolve adaptive or technical solutions to these problems with a view to ensuring excellent living conditions for all Nigerian. Leadership is the key word here that the ADC is going to be driven by, noting that moving a people from “Good to Great” takes a process.