Dr Ayodele Joins ADC To Pursue 2023 Presidential Aspiration, Calls For “The True Force”

By Aviashima Toom, Abuja
The Presidential aspirant in the 2023 general election under the African Democratic Congress, Party ADC, Dr. Favour Ayodele has disclosed that for too long, the Nigeria’s rich mineral resources, very rich intellectual property has been subjected to Global embarrassment and ridicule.
Dr. Ayodele disclosed this on Wednesday at the party Secretariat when he official joined the party for his presidential race calls for “The True Force” in Abuja, said that Nigerians around the world are performing enviable feats across various professions.

He said, some of the private establishment, are proof positive that Nigeria can host the world in any field, with the right kind of leadership, the aircraft of its ingenuity is ready to fly, it only needs the right pilot in the cockpit.
He explained that, he made his first appearance of the political scene as an independent candidate in 2017, and later declear his candidacy under the Young Progressive Party YPP in 2018.

“It was not, and still is not about me, personal ambition or a selfish purpose, but about the  country, about the 20 million plus out-of school children, about the 20 million plus with Disabilities and health conditions unattended, about the poor in the country and about the dreadful insecurity across the nation, about the failing institutions.
“The collapsed of healthcare and education system, the catastrophe economy, the diginity of the Nigeria citizens before the world’s eyes, the montrous unemployment status, the forgotten Youth that form the largest demography and about the marginalized ethnic groups of our multi- nation for them”. He said.

The Presidential hopeful said the burden and vision of the country still burning in him, according to him the third force as alternative he formed has become a popular concept in many quarters and a rallying cause of action against the two headed political serpent that has Nigeria in a strangle hold.
“The journey before us is a clear one. The decision that must be made is a straightforward one. Do we want to continue this gloomy path with APC? Or do we want to go backwards to the PDP era? The answer is NO!” He said
In his remarks, National Chairman of the African Democratic Congress, ADC, Chief Ralph Nwosu noted that, insecurity has taken centre stage in Nigeria, and only the African Democratic Congress, Party ADC, can salvage the country’s present ugly situations.
According to him, the crops of present politicians in Nigeria when given the opportunity to serve, consider such opportunity to loot, and that must stop.
He said that, it is only in Nigeria that police brutality goes unabated noting that APC and PDP has misled the country.
He urged Nigerian to vote for ADC in the next general election as only the party has the capacity to ease Nigeria from it’s present situation, bosting that the country will be better under the rain of party.


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